Twitter Bot

'Generative Design' is a Processing bot that takes the latest abstract pictures from Flickr using an API and re-designs them by shifting groups of pixels randomly to the left and right.

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Fibonacci Galaxy

'Fibonacci Galaxy' is an interactive art installation that celebrates the connection between the Universe and Fibonacci. This project was invited to participate at the World Science Festival 2016.

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'Nautilus' is a data visualization using D3 that I did during my summer internship at L2.Inc, showing their digital IQ brands.

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Machine Learning

'The Geography of Home' is an interpretation of my idea of 'home' using machine learning, style transfer with Tensorflow.

100 Days of Creative Coding

'100 Days of Creative Coding' are daily sketches that I made using Cinder, OpenFrameworks, Three.js, Processing, p5.js.

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Chatbot Yummy

'Yummy' is a chatbot that gives you funny advices when it comes to food. This project is an exploration of my own habits when buying groceries.

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