Data Visualization

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Drawing Feelings

'Drawing Feelings' is a data viz website that tells the story of my every day feelings through daily drawings of objects that represent my feelings.

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'Nautilus' is a data visualization using D3.js that I designed while working at L2.Inc, showing a comparison of their digital IQ brands.

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Twitter Bot

'Generative Design' is a bot that takes the latest pictures from Flickr and re-designs them by shifting groups of pixels to the left and right.

Interaction Design

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Myx Reality

'Myx Reality' is a storyboarding and prototyping tool for virtual reality that minimizes time and labor to prototype and visualize ideas for virtual reality.

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'EldSafe' is a conversational user interface device that I developed for Microsoft Design Expo to help elderly people live a better, longer and healthier life.

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My Travel App

'My Travel App' is an iOS app made using Phonegap where the user can pin the places he wishes to travel and tag along his travelling friends.

Machine Learning & Bots

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The Geography of Home

'The Geography of Home' is an interpretation of my idea of 'home' using machine learning, by changing the colors using style transfer with Tensorflow.

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Chatbot Yummy

'Yummy' is a chatbot that gives you funny advices when it comes to food. This project is an exploration of my own habits when buying groceries.

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100 Days of Coding

'100 Days of Creative Coding' are daily sketches that I made using WebGl, Cinder, Three.js, OpenFrameworks, Processing, and p5.js. You can check out all 100 sketches on Tumblr.

Art Installation

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Fibonacci Galaxy

'Fibonacci Galaxy' is an interactive art installation that was invited to participate at the World Science Festival 2016.

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Voronoi Mirror

'Voronoi Mirror' is an interactive sketch where users can see themselves in a distorted video capture that follows the Voronoi diagram.

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Shaping Characters

'Shaping Characters' is an exploration of social media portraits through text interaction in a generative art installation.


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Flags Cut in the Middle

'Flags Cut in the Middle' is a short film inspired by a true story about the Romanian Revolution in 1989 seen through the eyes of a child.

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