TITLE: EldSafe

CATEGORY: CUI, Product Development

DATE: April 2016

TOOLS: Illustrator, Rhino, Arduino

COLLABORATORS: Joakim Quach, Dhruv Damle


'EldSafe' is a coversational user interface that I developed for the Microsoft Design Expo challenge with two of my classmates and is meant to help elderly people live a better, longer and healthier life.

URL: Read more about Microsoft Design Expo 2016.


In order to start developing our product, first thing we did was going out and talked to elderly people. This research was one of the most important steps in order to design something useful and needed in the world.


After talking to them we realized that their biggest fear was losing independency and that they don't like to ask their family and friends for help. They mentioned they would use a wearable device if it's easy to use.


We realized that the UI had to be as simple as possible and the design unisex to match a bigger population age 65+. We started thinking of possible scenarios and how the system diagram would work. We used a pulse sensor to detect one's pulse that could detect if there's a change in pulse and would trigger and event for the user to press either OK, Help or no response.


After the UI, the second thing we did were lo-fi prototypes using a 3D printed machine to test the design and value.


Here was our final design where we proposed 3 main features: one for OK, one button for help, and last one for non-responding - the last two triggering a phone call to 911.