TITLE: The Geography of Home

CATEGORY: Machine Learning

DATE: December 2016

TOOLS: Tensorflow, Style Transfer



'The Geography of Home' is an interpretation of my idea of 'home' using machine learning, style transfer with Tensorflow. I decided to show my 'home' places where I lived in Romania, Germany, New York and Los Angeles and see which one feels like home. I called it my happiness trail and wanted to explore the geography of the places I lived and see which one feels from far away my idea of 'home'. The winner was my home in Romania because somehow my idea of home means a house with a brown roof. I realized that the colors of my home town are orange/brown-ish and in US the places I lived were very grey-ish to me. It made me think of adding my home town colors to the places I lived in the US.

Here is the Geography of Home reimagined, using style-transfer with Tensorflow.