TITLE: Shaping Characters

CATEGORY: Art Installation

DATE: December 2016

TOOLS: Processing, Kinect, Art Installation



We all 'perform' on social media but that's not who we really are. Shaping Characters is an exploration of social media portraits through text interaction. The installation displays tweets from the user and projects them on the wall. The user can interact with the text through a Kinect.

Joakim and I partnered up to do an interactive text generative art that uses Processing and Kinect. We found the spring physics library and we tried it and got a nice effect so we kept it. To decide what the text should be was a challenge because on one hand we thought it doesn’t matter and on the other, we realize this could be seen as someone’s identity mirror. That’s why we decided to use each user’s tweets, to make it more personal. Each user can put in their twitter username in order to get their own ‘personalized’ portrait.